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I am here to facilitate healing through one or more of the following modalities: Flower Essences Therapy, Kinesiology, and Reiki.

I have learned that everyone has a unique energetic imprint a unique path. I invite clients to join me in creating more ease and flow in their lives through the energy healing and vibrational services I offer.

I create a safe container for my clients to experience healing. What clients experience with me is finding a place of love and non-judgement, to land and get access to energies that they have never thought of or experienced before.

Those that cross my path need some of the magic I am able to offer as a vibrational specialist and catalyst for transformation. I am grateful that the universe has caused us to meet!

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I am also offering a beautiful monthly LOVE BOX to make your self-care a bit easier!

Love & Blessings,

Hulda Ludbrook


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Kinesiology Sessions
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Flower Essence Consultations

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Reiki Sessions
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Holistic Workshops & Training


“Hulda is a joy. As a talented and experienced kinesiologist, she gets to the root of energetic issues that are otherwise very difficult to solve. I love her kind, connecting energy and I feel so much better afterwards!”
– Shannon Walburn

“I had a fantastic kinesiology experience. Hulda is like a breath of fresh air, blowing out the dust and breathing in change and the promise of the new. She goes the extra mile and is a real gem, and I highly recommend her services.”

“Since I started using Flower Essences, I experienced a change in general anxiety and I am feeling more positive. I also have more awareness about self-love. I shifted so many negative emotions. I also love the Energy Mists – they are amazing!” -Lara


I created a beautiful range of Flower Essences and Aromatherapy Energy Mists to support my clients on a deeper level. They are catalysts for healing and transformation. They are 100% natural and are prepared in South Africa, according to the method of Dr Edward Bach.

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Hello Sunshine Glowing Goddess
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