Before I head to the Midlands for the holiday season to rejuvenate, I want to leave you with 5 questions to reflect on 2018. There’s power in reflection.

We cannot change what you don’t acknowledge, so these insights could spark more joy, ease and flow in your life. Super exciting, isn’t it!

When you get a chance, grab a piece of paper, a pen and answer the questions below.

Make it fun. Journal in colour, journal next to the pool, under an ancient tree, or even in bed.


1. If you had to describe your past year in 3 words, what would it be?

Think about your year, write down 3 themes or words that come to mind.(Mine would be courage, patience and growth).


2. When did you feel inspired, alive or excited this year and why?

Think about what had you feeling fired up. Was it working on a new project, teaching, making art, resting, connecting with loved ones, working out, eating healthy or traveling? This will give you insight to what you could nurture in the new year to add more joy to your life.


3. When did you feel at your lowest this year and how did you get back in alignment?

Think about your lowest points in the year and why you felt that way. Also reflect on the resources you utilised to get back to centre. Take note of these resources and use them in 2019!


4. What lessons have you learned?

Think about your highs and lows this year in relationship to what you’ve learned. This is an easy way to turn perceived failures into valuable learning curves.


5. What are your biggest accomplishments?

Think about what you are proud of? If you haven’t yet accomplished your big goal for the year, what major goal did you lay the foundation for?


I will chat more about goal setting in January, with tips and tools how to manifest your wildest dreams!

May your holidays sparkle with moments of love, laughter, and goodwill, and may the year ahead be full of abundance and joy!

See you soon, in 2019!

Love & light