The holiday season is usually all about fun and relaxation, but to be honest, it can get very intense. Holiday shopping, long to-do lists and complicated family dynamics can leave us feeling exhausted. During the holidays we are normally out of routine, which could result in a lack of self-care.

Herewith a few tried and tested tips on how to cope with the silly season:

  1. Recharge your Batteries
    Giving too much of ourselves emotionally and physically can make us feel tired and depleted. Schedule a morning or evening by yourself, that’s just about rest and rejuvenation. Read a book, go for a massage, meditate, or take a nap.
  2. Clear Communication
    Trying to do everything ourselves usually results in anger and resentment because we are not feeling supported. There are so many people around us who are willing to support us, we simply need to ask. Shared responsibility is such a wonderful thing! For example, get the kids to help you bake cupcakes, ask your sister to bring dessert, and your husband to set the table.
  3. Happy Healthy Boundaries
    From my experience, old patterns and relationship dramas often surface during the holiday season. Make sure to communicate your needs and boundaries clearly. You can read more about healthy boundaries here. If someone triggers you, it’s a good idea to step out of the conversation for a few minutes. 10 Deep breaths will also make a huge difference!
  4. Glorious Gratitude
    We often forget how many people are struggling over the festive season – perhaps they have lost a loved one, or some family members live abroad. Therefore, instead of feeling frustrated with family dynamics, pause for a moment and acknowledge how lucky you are to have a family – even if it can be challenging!
  5. Magical Mindfulness
    It’s been a long year and everyone is feeling a bit frazzled, so don’t take it personally when people are acting out of character. Perhaps you have been acting out of character as well! Become the silent observer and simply notice what is happening inside and around you, without being sucked into the drama. Write or journal about big feelings to get more clarity.

Let me know if this resonates with you.
Wishing you a wonderful festive season filled with magic and miracles!

Love & Light