“I sought out the services of Hulda because I believe deeply in the transformative and healing powers of kinesiology. Hulda did not disappoint! I presented her with the goal of “being able to run again,” because I had felt blocked about running for over a year. Within an hour, she had shifted some key ancestral patterns I was carrying that were slowing me down. A week later, I ran one kilometer without stopping! I was elated! I am so grateful to Hulda for her commitment to her work, the sincerity and authenticity she brings to her practice, and the amazing results she can get in such a short time.”

Shannon Walbran

“Before the session, I was feeling pressure and tension in and behind my eyes with tension and heaviness around my temples.  The physical tension and anxious thoughts were depriving me of a relaxed, joyful state of being present in the moment and resulting in irritated, reactive behaviours towards my partner. During the session I immediately felt the shift and decrease in tension around my eyes and temples and felt extremely energised by what was elicited. After the session, my vision was clearer and all tension around my eyes and head were gone. I felt strongly energised, powerful, present and light of spirit. Thank you Hulda!”


“Hulda’s natural and intuitive healing energy has helped transform my life. The practice of kinesiology is extremely powerful yet gentle. As a facilitator, healer and source of boundless positive energy, Hulda has guided me through the process numerous times and every time I have felt huge shifts after the session. Her caring nature makes me feel safe and guided.”

Elizabeth Croeser

“Before I met Hulda, I was in a very confused and desperate place. I struggled to find my balance and my peace. After my first balance with her I felt an immediate shift in my being and my energy started to flow. With the result that I felt so much more ease and peace within. She helped me to unblock and release my negativity, and as a result many blessings have started happening for me. I cannot thank and show my deepest appreciation for the gift Hulda has given me.”

A. F.

“For 20 years I’ve been haunted by my past, not wanting to deal with old emotion and refusing to go back to experience all the hurt and pain again, and not always realizing what an extreme impact it had on my daily life. Hulda guided me through a short journey that was pain-free that instantly restored balance back into my life. With her amazing knowledge and soft approach the chains melted away,  I can fly free again. Thank you!“


“Hulda made a huge difference in my life. I always felt uneasy as if something is weighing me down. The sessions helped me to get to know myself and my body (health wise). Hulda unblocked so many emotions I carried around since childhood. Now I also know how to deal with these emotions. I actually want to get up in the mornings and face the world. Thank you Hulda!”

S. Wessels

“I have been for three kinesiology balances. I have found it a very liberating experience.  Hulda is an excellent facilitator, a very gentle guide with supportive energy.  I did not know what to anticipate from kinesiology but I have found it a very positive, affirming experience.  The first session that I went to I was feeling mentally very chaotic, out of control and like I was not able to make decisions and prioritize.  I was lacking focus and unhappy in my personal life.  We chose the goal of being ‘calm, confident and present’. The balance allowed me to release various issues such as personal guilt and a sense of rejection. These emerged in the form of memories and emotional issues related to my family and personal life.  After each of the subsequent sessions, I found myself feeling more centered, grounded and assertive. This emerged slowly and I have noticed that other people have also responded in a positive way.  I definitely feel that it was a positive experience and would highly recommend Hulda as a kinesiologist.”


“Hulda shifted so many huge blocks for me a – I felt lighter, more empowered and more free to choose! It has taken me a couple of days after our session to understand the enormity of the impact of the session. She is insightful, warm, caring and non-judgemental. Thank you, I have become a believer in Kinesiology!”

Ingrid L.

Thank you Hulda. I’m so impressed by the amount of healing we were able to do in just an hour. Post the session, I’ve experienced a general sense of centredness and direction. Excited to do see how it all unfolds. Wonderful session, thanks again.

Simone Berger

“Thank you for the incredible online kinesiology session Hulda. I was really feeling out of sorts and heavy with everything going on at the moment. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and clearer. You have an amazing ability to create a safe and supported space, even though we were in different countries. You have a true gift.”


The first time I saw Hulda, I was still recovering from a major operation. I was feeling tired, emotionally and physically exhausted. Her passion for healing shines through and she creates a safe and gentle space for her clients. I came away lighter, calmer and having an immense inner sense of peace.”

Jana Field

I have had numurous healings with Hulda and she a great. Her interest in helping me shift myself and heal was genuine and heartfelt. Her energy was great and the kinesiology itself was powerful and helped me heal. Highly recomended


I was curious if Kinesiology would help with a recent traumatic event. I arrived in my current state of anxiety and felt exhausted from lack of sleep and stress. I immediately received a lot of insight and made some interesting connections. The session itself was gentle and loving. I felt lighter and safe afterwards. I slept very well that night with minimal anxiety. The next day a HUGE block was released and I firmly believe the session was a contributing factor!