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How I Work as a Practitioner

I am here to guide people and to offer leadership in healing facilitation. I have learned that everyone has a unique story and a unique healing journey.

Those that cross my path need some of the magic I am able to offer as a vibrational specialist and catalyst for transformation. I create a safe container for my clients to experience healing.

What clients experience with me is finding a place of love and non-judgement to land and get access to energies that they have never thought of or experienced before.

Together we formulate easy-to-use strategies to create more alignment in your life. My entire being is focused on seeing and feeling what needs balancing in a person’s energy. I help individuals heal within themselves and the tribe they find themselves in.

I know what it is like to carry too much. I know what it is like to have difficult family relationships that cause us deep pain. I hold such compassion for those individuals who feel alone, lost and in need of guidance toward their optimal state of being.

My key objective creating more success, satisfaction and alignment in my own and my clients’ lives, as well as finding the joy, magic and beauty in everyday life.

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The Clients I Work With

Martyred Moms – Moms who have lost themselves in motherhood and yearn for their own identity. They wish to create their own success factors and want to feel good about themselves, their careers and families. It is too overwhelming to achieve this on their own and need someone to gently guide them through this transformation.

Relationship Survivors – People who have managed to break out of co-dependent or abusive relationships. People who seek healing on a deeper level and to access their personal power and abundance. These people are seeking their true north and need emotional support and tweaks to their frequency in order to level-up.

Goddess Visionaries – Women who are on a mission to be at the top of their game. Women who are prepared to arm themselves with all they need from a holistic point of view to conquer their career, fulfil their ambitions, and be filled with vitality. To give themselves permission to step into their true goddess energy.

Light Bringers – Women who are lightworkers, energy workers or those who create ripples in other peoples lives. These women frequently require cleansing and upliftment. They are also natural networkers who love to lift the spirits of others and are at their best when in vibrational alignment. They may wish to be distributors of Hello Sunshine Flower Essences.