What is Business Alignment ?


Kinesiology has been a beacon of light in business for many years. Whenever I’m feeling stuck, burnt out, or overwhelmed I turn to Kinesiology. When I am experiencing anxiety about finances, clients, or deadlines I go for a balance myself.

The first time I experienced Business Alignment with Kinesiology I was amazed by everything the Kinesiologist could pick up about my business after doing muscle testing. As a business owner, I experienced a huge shift in my business.

I also had more clarity about my dreams and aspirations. This inspired me to become a Kinesiologist myself and also offer Business Alignment sessions to my clients.


When it comes to your business growth, Kinesiology allows us to locate any blocks or imbalances that may be holding us back. 

Kinesiology then guides us to precisely what is needed to release the blocks. You’re then able to more confidently move toward your goals, dreams and desires.

We use similar techniques as with normal kinesiology balances but with the focus on your business. Learn more here.

If you’re wanting to grow your heart-centred business from a space of joy, ease and alignment, Kinesiology is worth exploring.

My Business Alignment sessions could help you find flow in your business and get clear on your purpose in life.

It’s always astounding to see how much better clients feel about business and their purpose in life after a Business Alignment session. Often one session is all that is required, but sometimes a person needs 4 or 5 balances for bigger issues.

Benefits of Kinesiology in Business

  • Reduce stress, overwhealm and anxiety
  • Increase joy and flow in business
  • Increased balance and bliss
  • Get clear on your purpose in life
  • Boost creativity
  • Heal burn-out
  • Increase sales / profit
  • Increase productivity
  • Connect to your inner wisdom
  • Increase vitality

I felt calmer and more focussed

“I felt overworked, anxious and stressed about my business – with no sense of direction. Kinesiology helped me feel calmer and more focussed and I now have a greater sense of purpose. I also attracted amazing new clients! Kinesiology defintely saved me from burn-out so I can enjoy doing what I love again.”


Move from burned-out to balanced