Let’s admit it, life is busy. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. We often wake up (and go to bed) feeling anxious. A million thoughts pulling us into a million directions. Often people would say: “If only I had more time I will feel more grounded and centered. If only my work slows down will I have time to mediate or spend more time with the kids.”


I realised that it is not about waiting for life to slow down, but for us to find that peaceful (and magical) moments within the chaos to bring us back to ourselves. It is not about the amount of time we have available to us, but our ability to access this place of centeredness whenever we need to.

Did you know? Anxiety is a clue that we are living in the future and depression that we are stuck in the past. When we are present we feel more grounded, peaceful, centered and resourceful.

To make mindfulness a little easier, I’ve put together a few ideas for cultivating more awareness and being present in your daily life. That way, you can feel calm, even when their things are crazy around you.

8 Tips How to Be More Present & Feel More Centered

1. Sound

Tune into just the sounds of your immediate surroundings for 30 seconds. The gentle rustling of the wind, someone laughing out loud or even the beating of your own heart. Don’t go to the mind to name them or explain why they’re happening. No effort is needed. Just listen, allow the sounds to bring you back to the present moment.

2. Ear Pressure Points

Gently massage your ears with your thumb and forefinger. There is no exact pressure point so simply give yourself a relaxing ear massage. Pull down gently on the lobes and rub the inner surface of the ear for about 40 seconds. When you massage your ears, you will feel more focused and calm all over.



This technique often comes up during a Kinesiology balance to increase concentration, energy and focus.

3. Ground yourself

Next time you go outside, take your shoes off! You can also ground yourself by sitting on the grass or ground. People who ground themselves regularly have reported feeling more centered, solid, strong, balanced, less tense and less stressed.

4. Count to ten

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and slowly count to 10. Repeat this a couple times throughout the day.  Don’t try and control your thoughts, just focus on your breath. I have a good friend who sets a reminder on her phone a few times a day to take 10 breahts. Very smart!

5. Stretch

A stiff, constricted body leads to anxiety, and it’s hard to be present when you’re anxious. Our “fight or flight” response is triggered not just by outside stressors but also by inside stressors eg. our emotional state. This response can lead to a feedback loop whereby we’re anxious because our bodies are tense and we’re tense because we’re anxious.Stretching short-circuits this loop, so we’re more likely to be present and feel centered.

6. Sixty-Second Meditation

Close your eyes wherever you are (except while you are busy driving ), and simply follow your inhales and exhales for 60 seconds. Let your emotions come and go without holding onto them. Wow, what difference 60 second of mindfullness can make!


7. Feeling Presence

Close your eyes and feel the sensation of your own physical presence, your body’s weight on the chair, couch or bed. Bring your attention to the feeling of your body being here. Drop into the particular sensation that is “I am here.

8. Play with Kids and Pets

There’s a great reason to play with kids and pets: they fire up our oxytocin factories. Oxytocin — sometimes called “the love hormone” or “the bonding hormone” — is a key hormone that promotes trust, relaxation, and happiness in humans. It transports us into the present moment.

If you’re wondering which of the tips above are right for you, the good news is that most of them will be right for you. Try a few and cultivate doing them as often as you can.

These are small things that can truly make a huge difference.

Do you have any other techniques that help you cope with everyday stress? I would love to hear about it!

If you feel you need an extra boost, Kinesiology is another way to bring you back to centre.
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